Faces of El Bambino

So I got a new camera yesterday (really to use at work, but bonus when I can use it at home!) and I kind of got obsessed with taking pictures of Lane (because, oh my goodness he is SO fun right now). He didn't seem to mind, and actually kind of was a ham. Here are a couple a lot of my favorites. Pardon my indulgence.

drool machine (you can finally see his bottom two teeth about to erupt)

and during lunch I went home to find this after he woke up from his nap:
uh-oh...I believe we are embarking on a new phase 


Caroline Bobo said...

Eat him up he is so darn cute! Good pics! Keep up the good work little photographer! Will be great memories to have of him growing!

Leighton said...


Vance & Kala Waldron said...

He is so precious! Where did you get your crib? That's exactly what i've been picturing in my mind and haven't found it yet!
Thanks! Kala