Renovation Reveal

I know it has been awhile since I have shown house pictures. It seems I have come up with 100 excuses not to get out my camera: I want to get the window treatments up or I need to clean off the counters or Baby toys are everywhere! etc. etc. (you get the drift) I came to the realization, everything is always a work in progress and so without further adieu--here are after pictures of the kitchen renovation. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. We are really enjoying the space. It is very functional and easy to keep clean! (our old house it seemed no matter how many times I mopped the floor they seemed dingy.) Not the case now!! (disclaimer: I could not get the lighting right, so please excuse some of the image quality)

Remember this:

Now this it the view:

sink area to the right
to the left, love this area, where I drink coffee and have quiet time in the mornings, wall of storage to the left

standing near sink looking left

standing at back windows (used to be dining room)

Some of my favorite aspects:
the beverage center (the architect could not believe I wanted to put a mini fridge right next to the big fridge. He said this is simply not done, so he added the 6 inch cabinet to the right (see the one tiny knob). It is more useful than you would think. I have serving platters there. The beverage refrigerator is awesome because it does not clutter the large one with bottled water, cans, wine... Also, I love the Keurig and the bottle warmer. James is not a coffee drinker, so I love making my one cup a day with ease. 
Pine corner cabinet left to me by my sweet Aunt Meg when she passed away.  She was an amazing lady and is the reason I love to bake. She taught me so much, and I LOVE having it in the kitchen to enjoy while I bake.  Originally it was her grandmother's, my great grandmother's.
peninsula with tons of STORAGE!! walnut top

Keeping it real:

This nifty little storage bin with wheels was purchased at IKEA to hold all of Lane's toys. It is usually somewhere close by.

 The johnny-jump up resides in between the kitchen and the dining room. 
dining room details: chairs purchased at Scott's. Table from an antique store in Birmingham given to me by grandparents as our wedding gift.

another Scott's find that I got recovered

Some other details:
All wall paint/upper cabinets:  Dover White
peninsula color: Antique Pewter
Bar Stools: Restoration Hardware
Painting: previously seen in Lane's room, gift from James
Window Treatments: from sister Jana via Tiffany at Persnickety in Linden, Al
chairs in the kitchen are from Scott's 
cabinets and walnut top peninsula custom made by Nico.
Lighting via Circa Lighting, goodman hanging light (the one linked is the larger one, the one we have is the smaller one)
Sisal in dining room is Veracruz from Acme Flooring in Birmingham
Sink and Faucet: Kohler on sale
Countertops: Carrera Marble

Still to do/purchase:
I would love a runner in front of the sink 
Still working on cabinet organization (but the great thing is that there is plenty of room!)
Maybe a decorative item over the sink area (a fun thing to have in the back of my mind, it will have to be something that really speaks)
James would say, fill the wine storage up, but I think we are good :) 


Leighton said...

My jaw fell open when I scrolled to the after following "before"!!! Rayne, it's GORGEOUS!!!! I want to come have coffee with you in your kitchen! Missing you in B'ham! xoxo

Kristen @jonesjourneyblog said...

It looks great, Rayne! Love the sitting area and the peninsula- the colors are great! I was just thinking about sweet Meg yesterday; she taught me so much and really helped shape who I am today. We may be looking at a house in your neighborhood on Wed. That will be a lot of fun if that works out!

Nancy said...

WOW! It looks great! I would love cooking in a kitchen like that! You did a great job!

Angie said...

ummm--I am speechless!! The before pictures doesn't do it justice!! It looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in person :)

Olivia said...

Wow Rayne - it looks amazing!! So open and functional. I LOVE all of your Scott purchases (and the nifty wine storage above the fridge)

Blair said...

It looks GREAT Rayne! I am so jealous of all the space! Our kitchen can't fit 3 people in it and I am dying to completely gut the whole thing...yours will be inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing!

montanna said...

Even though field tiles can be mere cents a piece, the specialty tiles could be several dollars a piece. Keep in mind also that some folks may well not like the thought of kitchen counter tops because any glass that may perhaps happen to fall on them will most assuredly break.

Ashley M. Meadows said...

I love your kitchen! Wow! It looks great!