Commercial Break-Products

Many of you probably read Urban Grace, do you remember the post she did on her day-to-day products? (I tried to find it to link it, but could not). Also Ole Miss mom, did a similar post here.  I love these posts...don't know why, other than it is interesting to see what others find that works for them. Here are my daily products-- (sorry for the poor quality pics, my phone was not cooperating!)

1. Vivite Daily Facial Cleanser-recommended by Lacey, and I love it! It has a 12% glycolic acid which is great keeping hormonal acne at bay 
2. Obagi C-Vitamin C serum for decreasing brown spots and prevents fine lines
3. Aveeno - Ultra Calming daily face lotions with SPF 15, love this especially for the price
4. Revisions Matte Tinted Moisturizer also rec. by Lacey-I change up between this and the Aveeno. This is very lightweight, but with good coverage on days that I don't have time/feel like putting on base makeup. 
5. Ban deodorant-I have been using this since I first needed it (5th grade, I think??), actually my whole family uses ban! It is the best!

6. Purelogy Anti-fade Hydrating Shampoo-my stylist (sounds like I am a movie star right?!) Haha, but Jaina is more than a hair dresser, she is awesome! She can turn my lacklusterbabyfrizzingdriedout hair into something that I actually like. She works here in Tuscaloosa. Here she is at our wedding, so cute!
7. Pureology Root Lift-I don't use this daily, only when I am actually fixing my hair (which is few and far between these days) but this stuff works magic

8. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation-I have tried many others, but i always come back to this. Great coverage, smooth finish, easy to apply=worth the money
9.Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge-when my friend Maggie got married, they recommended this and I also got it (she has been married 2.5 years) and I still have plenty and use it everyday...a little goes along way
10. Smashbox gel eyeliner-love gel eyeliner, once you use this kind you won't use any other
11. Bobbie Brown eyeshadow in Velvet Plum-this is a new purchase, and I am enjoying the color
12. La Bella Donna-eyeshadow mineral tones 
13. Loreal mascara-honestly I just pick up any mascara that catches my eye at the supermarket when I am out. To me, they are all similar

As I was taking these pictures last night, my husband was rolling his eyes at me in bed reading this:

He says it is good. He also just finished Gene Chizik's All In. This is the most he has read in our entire marriage. I love it!! 

I am tagging a few of my blog friends to please share with us your day-to-day products:
Blair at For A Season


Angie said...

You always make me smile :) I need to do this! We all get used to our "favorite" things! I am stuck on Bare Essentuals and have been using it for 10 years now. Just figured out to wet my brush for my eyeshadow for a "new" look and love the way it stays on all day!

Caroline Bobo said...

Hysterical you tag me when you know I am horrible at staying up to date on products! As I was reading I was thinking...man I need Rayne to go with me one day to CVS and makeup places to give me a product boost :) heehee!!

Kristen @jonesjourneyblog said...

When I went to New Creations, I would see her and think she was so cute. I always heard Jaina was so good! Thanks for these tips! I might have to try out some of your recommendations:)