New York, New York! (Part 2)

The rest of our trip was spent with more shopping, eating, and  the Jersey Boys musical.

mom and dad at Grammercy Tavern, delish!

sidenote on Grammercy Tavern: we were just sitting enjoying our wine (no, no Manhattan this time!) and the manager walked up and said "are you Mac Russell's parents?" he proceeds to tell us they worked together at Hot and Hot here in Bham several years ago. He then sends us lots of complimentary dishes to try. Thanks Dave! (and Mac for being in the food industry, I enjoyed the perks!)

fam shot
one of my favorite dishes, the meatball (that white stuff you see is melted fontina cheese, oh yea!)

great musical, especially for my dad as he grew up to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, but I knew most of the songs like, Oh' What A Night and Let's Hang On...

Our last night at Barbuta in the meatpacking district

with the Chef Jonathan Waxman, another Top Chef Masters favorite. He was awesome! So nice, did not mind my stalking introducing myself at all

Hudson River view

Let me say this trip could not have been possible without my friend the Medela pump. She (I think a breastpump would be considered female) went with me everywhere. Also,"pumping and dumping" did make me very, very sad. Liquid Gold down the drain. Seriously, people are selling it for 1-2 dollars an ounce!James's dad sent me this article in from Wired magazine. Check it out, unbelievable. Below are a view places Medela visited.
airplane bathroom was interesting

this one was very cool, bathroom in ABC Home, more to come on that store later...

All in all, great trip! (Thanks to James's parentals for babysitting) I was ready to get back to see Lane...
we did alot of this on Monday together


Rebecca Beers said...

Rayner! Dave is married to one of my really good friends and sorority sisters! He is awesome, and so's his wife (she's a Broadway actress - seriously). So glad you enjoyed Grammercy - I can't wait to go visit so I can get the Dave treatment!

Caroline Bobo said...

I mean...even in NYC ya'll have connections!! Love it!! Lots of yummy food and good fam pics! Sweet pic of you and Lane boy!