More Pics

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from Deann:

Last weekend, our trip to Scott's and IKEA was successful! We purchased some great chairs for our dining room, (my husband says I have a chair obsession!) a coffee table, a couple of pillows, and 2 poufs (you know the small fabric ottomans). Pictures to come once they deliver everything. It was so much fun! James was a big help, as he was the "money man". He would bargain with the vendors saying, "I really don't want this stuff, my wife does, so you better give me the best deal or we won't be getting them today." and he meant it. I of course, was standing to the side trying not to mess up the deal with my pleading looks. What a great team. 

We arrived at the beach last night. Lane did great in the car! We have lots of new gear...life jacket, float, pack-n-play, baby sunscreen wipes, hats, etc. Hopefully we will get to use it all!

I also want to give a shout out to Jennifer from Clothe Yourself  in Love. She made this precious romper for Lane. She can personalize anything for your little one, and does a great job. Her things make great gifts too! Check out her stuff here.

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Caroline Bobo said...

Hope you are having some fun and not all work at t beach :) Cute cute pics as usual!!