Happy Friday

Guess where we are headed tomorrow? Ok, I 'll tell you....Scott's Antique Market and IKEA in Atlanta. I am very excited, we are looking for items for the new house...a coffee table, end tables, storage items, etc. James wanted to go with my mom, Aunt Mary Alice, and myself...should make for an interesting trip. I will let you know if we purchase any great "finds"! Any tips for IKEA? I have never been and heard it can be a tad overwhelming, we shall see.
In other news, our friend Deann, (remember Ramsey from the last post, this is his wife!) took some precious pictures of Lane a couple of weeks ago. Here is one of my favorites:

If you are ever looking for someone to take some pictures for you, Deann is awesome! Shoot me an email, and I will give you her info. More pictures to come!

Happy Weekend Friends!


Mrs. Brock said...

You'll love Ikea! Just enjoy it, and take everything in when you're going through the showroom. Make sure you have something to write any product numbers down on. Just write down what you want, and you'll pick it up at the end. They have bags and buggies (for the smaller stuff) throughout so don't worry about picking one up until you need one.
Now you take notes for me on Scott's! I've been wanting to go for a year, and hoping I'll "need" to go over there to buy a dresser for the nursery.

Caroline Bobo said...

This might be my favorite picture of Lane so far!!! Have fun and can't wait to hear about your finds.