4 months (ish)

I always seem to be a little behind on these monthly postings. They just kind of sneak up you, kind of like the fact that Lane is already almost five months old. He is changing constantly.
Favorites: his feet! they are now constantly near or in his mouth, grabbing your nose, hair, glasses etc., when you blow on his belly after changing his diaper
Dislikes: any extended time in his car seat (like when we were on the way back from the beach=no fun),  when you won't let him watch tv 
Eating:5-6 ounces, 6 times a day plus some type of fruit in the morning and rice cereal or vegetable at night (ok, I have only tried the peas so far and he spit them back out everywhere, but I am going to persevere this week with carrots and green beans)
Height/Weight:??? we will find out when we go to our new pediatrician in Selma in a few weeks
My favorites: his squeal when he is excited about things, when he falls asleep on my shoulder sucking his fingers, when he and his dad play before bed
On the Horizon: moving into his new house this Friday!



Caroline Bobo said...

Yay for 4 months!!! So excited for ya'll to be moving this friday!!! Whoohoo!!! Can't wait to see how the house looks!!

Leighton said...

He is SO cute!!!! And his sweet little personality always seems to show through the pictures. I'm going to miss you so much when you move!!!

Elizabeth said...

He is just adorable, Rayne! Even my husband said "That is a really pretty baby!" Also-- we could never really get Reese to eat green veggies, only orange and yellow. Have you tasted those peas and green beans? Eww...

Blair said...

Wow - he is getting SO big! I am dying to meet him in person. Good luck on moving!