New York, New York! (Part One)

For Memorial weekend, my parentals, husband, and I headed up to NYC for a little big city fun. James and my dad had Pediatric dental meetings, and my mom and I had important shopping meetings. It was the perfect mix of eating, touring, shopping, and relaxing. I missed the munckin, but knew he was enjoying time with his Osborn grandparents.

Day One, We arrive in NYC bright and early to get a full day in of touring. We did a private tour with the group The Real New York Tours. We walked all over the city, and our guide Joe was very knowledgeable. We saw things that I would have never noticed, from the skinniest building in NY to where Aaron Burr lived, and on to more well known sites like Ground Zero and Little Italy.

Dad and Joe enjoying pizza


real fresh

James and the Brooklyn Bridge

new trade center going up

ok side note: does anyone watch Top Chef? If you do then you have heard of Eric Ripert. He is one of the most influential French chefs in the US today. He is known for his seafood dishes and his restaurant, Le Bernadin, is a Michelin three star (that's good folks!). We had reservations at his restaurant for our first night in town. We were walking down the street that morning, and James says nonchalantly, "oh, there is Eric Ripert". I exclaim, "WHAT, WHERE??!!". I then proceed to grab my camera and scream, "Mr. Ripert, Mr. Ripert!". He did not respond to this (don't know, could be the southern accent, I can't imagine?!) so I then scream, "ERIC!!". BINGO-he turns around to see what friend of his is calling out to him, and I run up and express that I am SO excited to meet him and I we are so honored that we will be eating in his restaurant. Oh, and do you mind if I get my picture with you?  He seemed thrilled, see below.

later in the evening

we did the chef's tasting menu (because, I mean we are friends now, right?!) and it was delicious! Each dish was perfection. above was a tuna with foie gras underneath, didn't know if I liked foie gras, but I do.

another interesting course of grilled octopus, amazing
There were many more delicious courses, but I finally put the camera down to enjoy. I also ordered a Manhattan to drink, because after all, we were in Manhattan. Did you know a Manhattan is 99% Bourbon? Well I did not. I just thought it would be cool to have a Manhattan in Manhattan, well not so much. I should have known when the waiter asked me, "how would you like it? straight up or on the rocks?", I was in trouble.

The next morning we went walking in Central Park. That speck to the right is me on the Bow Bridge.

The weather was beautiful. Also, we saw the Lady Gaga concert that morning. There were some interesting birds there watching (to put in nicely). I am not a Gaga fan, so we didn't stick around for long. If it has been Katy Perry that would have been a different story.

Next up, more good eats, Jersey Boys, and random places the breastpump got to go....


Julie said...

Okay I could leave ten comments but I'll be quick and to the point.... Foie GRAS... I told u it was amazing!!!

Caroline Bobo said...

I am just now seeing this post!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics. Laughed out loud at you chasing down the Top Chef guy!!!

Steven said...

Good post Rayne. I am sad you didn't hit up the Yankees/Mets. I am not sure what they call tuna in New York City but it kinda looked like a plate of jelly. Maybe that was the grass you ate. I don't know. Gaga vs. Perry? aren't they the same?