Nursery Pictures

 I wanted to keep the nursery "neutral" so I could reuse all of the main items (this also makes sense to my practical husband). We James painted the walls patriotic white by Benamin Moore. I like it more now, at first it was actually a little bluer than I thought it would be.

The crib was a gracious hand-me-down from my sister. I did add an antique glaze to give it that "aged"effect. My SIL Lacey suggested it, and I am glad she did.

 All of the bedding is Pom Pom at Home, organic linen in flax. (My friend Kate helped me pick all of this) My favorite are the pillows. Can't you see them on twin beds one day?! The doggie on the left was James's first purchase for Baby O. The one on the right was mine growing up, Abdul, yes weird name, but we actually had a dog named Abdul the dove dog and I guess I wasnt very creative and used it.
 The chest is from a consignment antique shop on Hwy 31. The mirror is from Urban Surburban in Crestwood. The glider was purchased at market in Atlanta for a great price! Another favorite...swivels, glides and reclines...what more could a girl want?

 James making fun of me taking these pictures...he does not understand that anyone would really want to see any of this. But I assured him, all existing moms, soon-to-be moms, or hoping- to- be one day moms would appreciate it.
 This little hutch is from Three Sheets in Homewood. Mom and I found it and I loved the little details...also knew I needed somewhere to store toys and books. Pardon the image quality (the color is not accurate). The top picture is James as a baby. The bottom is me. Baby O will go up when he gets here. The cross is from my friend Caroline. The wire storage bin is from Urban Surburban for 15 bucks, another favorite purchase.
Another area I get a big eye roll from the husband. The shelf is from a consigment shop in Edgewood, can't remember the name?) Can you tell what I have been doing during the last 9 months? Consigments shops are so great. Anyway, the blessing ring is from my shower...the day gowns as well.

I picked up the bassinet yesterday...I love it! Wish I took a better picture, but you get the idea. The print is an ikat from King Cotton. The bassinet was James's when he was born. Shelia is letting me use it, and my friend Maggie's aunt made the new cover.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement, tips, and comments lately. I really appreciate them, and can't wait to share updates when he is really here. I think know God is teaching me patience. It is in his hands, and I am learning to surrender to Him.


Leighton said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Especially the bassinet. What a beautiful nursery, Rayne. Can't wait to meet the newest Mr. Osborn!

Molly Hargather said...

Rayne - this is by far one of my very favorite nurseries that I've ever seen! Seriously! I just put all your pictures in my "idea" folder (yes, I'm that nerd). The room is beautiful! Excited for y'all.

casey said...

Your friend's aunt needs to go into business making bassinet covers. It is to.die.for!! I have been emailing your MIL to see if Baby O is on his way. Can't wait to see pictures!!

V's Mama said...

Everything looks lovely, Rayne. Can't wait to hear your big news! It'll be here soooo soon! You two go on a date STAT! :)

MSBABY said...

You should enter your pics in my nursery contest!

I just posted last year's winners and we're starting over with a 1st prize of $500!

Drop by a take a look!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Rayne, thank you for this great post. I was wondering all along where I could get Organic Linen Flax sheets for myself and the ladies at Walmart laugh at me when I request it. Tell James I love the fact that he is practical. We will be in prayer for your delivery when the time comes.....Love Steven

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

OMG OMG at the bassinet!! Um...seriously the most beautiful thing ever! I still LOVE the room.
Agree with everyone's comments about it being the cutest nursery ever!! Too bad we can't borrow rooms :) Love you and love baby O to be!!

Kay said...

It's GORGEOUS! Tell James that I LOVED looking at the pictures. :)
Praying for you!!!

Leah said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I met you in Hville. I am Caroline's friend. Heard the great news of Lane on her blog and traveled over here to see the details. Awesome nursery. Congrats!!!