Baby Love

Oh my goodness....I could eat him up!! Here are some pictures of Lane from today....
Just chillin'

look at my dimple mom

the snow wears me out!

don't worry my other baby is adusting


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

OMG!! I still see so much Rayne in Lane's face. Def James coloring and all but YOUR face!

Great snow pics!!

V's Mama said...

So sweet, Rayne! I am so happy to see photos of your little miracle! Lane is a beautiful baby!

Natalie said...

love love LOVE!!!! great pics of you and sweet lane

The Allen Family said...

he's precious rayne!!! so glad y'all are adjusting well... breast feeding is definitely an adjustment!!!

his outfit looks like a "kissy kissy" outfit... i LOVE those... so cute but SO soft and comfy too!!! they are my favorite :)

ps yes, what a great name he has :)