A quick one

We are settling in nicely here at home with Lane. He seems to be a good baby. He is eating around every 2.5 hours, sleeping alot, and of course pooping alot. I am breast feeding, and thankfully my milk came in a couple of days ago, so it is getting a little easier. I see now why people say breast feeding is a learning process for both mom and baby. The first few days were stressful, but we have persevered and I believe are getting the hang of it. We went to the pediatrician yesterday, and I learned several things as a new mom:
1. always take a change of clothes with you even for an hour outing. (Lane sprayed his daddy and his outfit  during his weigh in)
2. always take an ample number of diapers with you even for an hour outing. (Lane went through 4 diapers during his appointment)
3. newborns look so awkward in car seats (I never thought I would be one of those overly OCD moms about such things, but I sat in the back seat to make sure his little head stayed upright...please tell me I am not the only new mom that has done this)

He is back up to 7.2 pounds...he left the hospital at 6.13, so he gained 5 ounces in 2 days! I felt much better about his nourishment after that.  My mom is here, and I don't know what we would do without her! It is like having a security blanket nearby. She takes him at night in between feedings so we can sleep, wonderful.
Thank you all for your prayers and messages....We are truly blessed!
Here a a few pictures until I can find a little more time to post his birthday story.


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

I have been waiting for your next post :) I have not seen Lane's eyes so I am so glad you posted the pic with his eyes open!! So cute! Glad things are coming along. Mama enjoyed her visit today!!

Olivia said...

Beautiful pictures Rayne! I can't get over his eyes in the second one, they are so alert and bright! Congrats again - so happy for your blessing!

Leighton said...

Love this! I can't wait to meet your little man. So glad you're settling in!

Ashley M. Meadows :) said...

Lane is gorgeous! I am so happy for you and James! I hope you are enjoying your new transistion into motherhood. We can't wait to meet your new addition!