Pregnancy Stats

Just a waitin'... I now know why everyone says the last few weeks are the hardest, I am so ready to meet him!
For the record...

How far along?: 39 weeks

How big is baby? Last Friday we did another growth scan, and he was measuring 6 pounds and 11 ounces. Right at about 40% statistically for 38 weeks. I am still measuring small (aka my stomach is measuring 2 weeks behind), but honestly, it is probably the smallest thing on me right now. Everything else has a nice swolleness to it..feet, ankles, hands. I did have a panic moment and ask if I was measuring 2 weeks behind did that mean he could be 2 weeks late, and Dr. P assured me it didnt work like that..whew!
Weight gain/loss?: I honestly don't know...I stopped looking at the scales at Christmas when I hit 25 pounds. For my sanity, I decided that I really didn't need to know. My nurse Jessica always thinks it is funny to tease me and try to get me to look. But I would guess 35ish, oh who am I kidding, maybe 40.

Stretch marks?: None, thankfully.

Maternity clothes?: I live in my Paige maternity jeans, some form of maternity shirt (or one of James's button downs), with a black vest my mom bought me for 17 dollars from Coldwater Creek, and these lovely shoes in a 9.5. (I tell you specifically bc I normally wear a 8.5). We bought them awhile back for mom, but thankfully she handed them over so I could have something comfy and cute to wear these last 2 months.

Sleep?: Not so much. I wake up several times to go to the bathroom, several times to Amos barking at something outside, and several times to Baby O kicking me bc apparently HE is uncomfortable. Oh well, again, I heard this prepares you.
Food cravings?: My egg thing never really went away, but calmed. I have been eating alot of turkey sandwiches with honey mustard. Also anything sweet. specifically chocolate cake. like I could eat a huge piece of Zoes chocolate cake right now

Movement?: went from sweet kicks to more karate kicks, it is funny feeling him position himself from side to side. I also thought I could tell he was head down, but face up (back of head towards pelvis) by the pressure in my back....sure enough the ultrasound tech said that was the case. So we are praying he rolls over for an easier delivery
Belly button?: I thought it was going out, but it has held!
What are you looking forward to this week?: today is my last full day of work, my parentals are coming in to town tomorrow, mom and I are going to pick out countertops and cabinets for our Selma house renovation tomorrow (updates on that soon) My next checkup is Friday, so we shall see if there is more progress!

I am also working on a nursery update...we are pretty much ready...still last minute organizing...


Susan said...

So excited for you Rayne! Keep the updates coming! :)

Natalie said...

i cant wait to see him!!! you are so close :)

and i meant to comment on an earlier post..but these are things i say bring to the hospital - in addition to the typical stuff:
pajama pants/robe
face cleaning wipes {like those that dont require water}
chargers for everything {camera/video/phone}
junk magazines or something to keep your mind off the PAIN before the epidural {haha jk...but not really ;)}
stephen would say extra blankets and pillows and comforters bc i FROZE him out of the hospital room! {crazy hormones}

hmmm im sure you are long packed and ready!
keep updating!

Leighton said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so stinking excited!!!! Great updates. Keep them coming!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

LOVE all the updates!! Praying for you and cannot wait! call me when you have a chance!

Kay said...

This all sounds SO FAMILIAR! I think that the "no sleep" now is better than the "no sleep" during the last weeks of pregnancy. At least my body isn't hurting now. :)
Bless you! It will all be over soon, and that sweet little thing will be here and be just the cutest thing we've all ever seen!!!
Praying for you, and can't wait to meet that sweet boy!