2 weeks

 Lane will be 3 weeks tomorrow!  These are his 2 week pictures from last Friday.
He looks a little terrified!
not quite sure about Mr. Dog

"fine mom, I'll cooperate, as long as you'll feed me soon"

He really is a sweet baby. He does not fuss often, and when he does it is usually around 6:00 pm, when we have finally figured out he wants to eat about twice as much before going to bed. I am enjoying our days together. He is awake most of the morning, and we read, talk, take a sponge bath (cord is still on) and play in the swing and little lamb. Little lamb is by far his favorite (thanks Morlene!).  If all else fails, we swaddle, put in him in, and turn it on WITH the music. Music is key for full effect, I have learned. When James get home in the afternoon, we enjoy this beautiful weather and stroll. 
We did have our first "up most of the night" experience last night. The little man is congested and cannot breathe very well. Through the night he made gasping for air like noises and scared us to death. He also spit up most of his meals through the night. Not so much fun...after one frantic calm call to Dr. J we learned the spit up is due to the congestion and we needed to start cleaning him out with saline and the bulb. The dreaded bulb. He sees it coming and starts wailing...not that I blame him. I make James do it. 
Anyway, he seems slightly improved today, so we will continue. That is all for now from baby world. 


Adrienne said...

Rayne - Congratulations again! Baby Lane is so precious. i know you are having fun with him. I am looking forward to meeting sweet Lane! I hope all is well!

Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

sweet little man. He sounds great except for the not so fun night ya'll had. Sorry he is stuffy. I would have been frantic too!! Cannot believe 3 weeks!!! flying by!