Thanksgiving Part 2

So after our quail hunting expedition, we headed up to the roost for a traditional thankgiving feast.  I love thanksgiving, the holiday that you focus on the Lord's blessings in your life, enjoy time with family, and eat until you are stuffed (or in my case this year, until you have terrible pregnancy heartburn).

James and Gigi
Uncle David and Lacey pre-dinner
Chefs Cherry and Mac, and it is evident where he gets his talent from
Fair entertaining us with her "ladies and gentlemen" performance, I wish I had a video
 Uncle David, Cousin Dick, Dad, and Uncle Bones
siblings with Gigi

yes, I am very pregnant (I think a spray tan might help?!)

toasting the lovebirds
Grutzmachers, or as we like to say here in Alabama, the Ratsmackers

On the the Auburn/Al game...
Lacey's festive cupcakes
evidence of James's stress during the game
Quail Supper
worn out Amos
and last but not least, story night on the porch...I wish this was clearer, but it depicts well everyone cozing up on the swing bed. Mom made encouraged us go out and look at the stars and tell stories of old....and I am glad she did.

That's all I got....now on to Christmas festivites!!!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Glad your mom was able to use all her Woodland pieces :) Everything looked perfect! Great food, family, and stories!!!