Thanksgiving at the Roost Part 1

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, starting with skeet shooting and a quail hunt. Our cousins from California, the Grutzmachers came into town to spend the holiday with us. I think hunting birds on Thanksgiving was a first for them, but they all caught on very quickly. The Millers, Cooks, and Russells also headed north from Mobile, so all of my dad's side of the fam was in attendance. We all decked out in our hunting gear, loaded up on mules (the man-made kind), and away we went...all 28 of us.

Fair swinging with her overall, boots and bow of course

warming up with a skeet shoot

Dick and Dad
newly engaged Gary and Annie (we can't wait for the wedding in August in San Fran!!)

Lacey and Doug, sharp shooters
Robert and Annie (who picked up on it VERY quickly)
even Jana "killed" a few
on the wagon, even though I did manage to shoot some too (Baby O didnt seem to mind)
the huntmaster laying down the law (aka don't shoot the dogs, or at people, you know important stuff)

looking for birds
cousin shot, minus Jana, Fair and Ann Marie
Gary, Annie, and Doug
Winston, Mary Russell, Shannon, and Robert

Part 2 coming soon!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

What a fun time!! Great pics of everyone. Impressed you shot some skeet too :) Will call soon to hear more details