Russell Christmas Pics and the Broomspear

Ann Marie, Jana, Fair, Preggo, Shannon, and Mary Russell

with the birthday girl, notice the nice finger!

fair singing and blowing kisses (she definitely has a flair for the performing arts)

Shannon and Sam

siblings with their mom

traditional singing of "Someone Like You"

 In other random news, the Osborn house has racoon living in the attic. I have not seen it, but have heard it on several occasions. James saw it last night, and apparently it is large and gets stuck in the vent above the back door. I thought he should just get his shotgun and shoot it, but he said that is not legal in the city limits?? really? I must be a redneck, bc that does not make sense to me. Instead he came up with the broomspear.

Glad he is putting that Auburn engineering degree to good use, huh. Don't worry, no blood was shed.(because the coon critter disappeared) I will keep ya'll updated on the racoon's fate and if the spear actually works. (maybe a call to the pest control is a better idea?!)


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Bahahaha!!! Hysterical....broomspear?!! James cracks me up. I have to say I know what ya'll are going thru...racoon, rats....all the same!!!

Ashley M. Meadows :) said...

That is hilarious! I hope you catch it!