Christmas Pictures in Moulton

giving Amos his presents

biggest bone ever, sadly it only lasted a few days

Shelia's beautiful tree (notice all the white outside!)

so happy!

Michael opening his presents

Betsy's turn

Jim excited about his presents

enjoying the beautiful photobook Betsy made

YEA! A new lens for my camera (50mm 1.4 for those interested, any tips appreciated!)
trying to figure out the new lens
Surprise! Tickets the the National Championship Game...all the Osborns minus myself and Baby O are attending
Michael and Betsy
precious Annie and talking Mickey
so cute!
James and MaMaw
My boys playing in the snow

We really had a wonderful relaxing Christmas! Thank you Jim and Shelia for spoiling us rotten as always!

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Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Wonderful Christmas ya'll had! You look really good...cannot believe we get to meet baby O in like a month!!! So glad ya'll had a white christmas!! Can't wait to talk to you!!