The finger is much, much better, thanks for all of the prayers! I am passed the "easily infected" time period, so I think besides losing my fingernail, all should be fine. I did lose my feeling in the tip of it, but oh well, a little tingle is a small price to pay. James has taken over all immersion blender duties for awhile.

Baby O update...I am still feeling pretty good. Hopefully, a little less than a month to go! I have all of the last few week left symptoms...feet swelling (still worse on the sausage leg right side), trouble taking deep breaths, a nice waddle, and I have pretty much given up on a good nights sleep...BUT all in all, I know I am blessed with an easy pregnancy and am still able to work fine.  (here is to hoping delivery can be the same!!) At my last doctors appt. (Dec 22nd), he was weighing around 5 lbs which is in the 55% for his age. So he should be a healthy 7-9 lbs at birth. I start my weekly appointments this Friday.

His Name shall be....??? Your guess is as good as mine, just kidding, but not really. We have been praying for revelation on this since we found out Baby O was a he, but have heard nothing. We both feel at peace now that we will wait to see him before naming him. We have a top four/five list of names, and hopefully when we see his precious face, we will know what God wants us to call him. At first, this was driving me crazy (HELLO, no monogrammed anything!), but now I am excited about it. My dad continues to send suggestions my way:
Matthan Osborn(Jesus's great grandfather)
Stonewall Jackson Osborn
he even saved a basketball roster to go through possibilites last time we were visiting

For those of you still reading...We are moving to Selma the end of June. James finishes residency, and then we will start working with my father the first of July. It will be somewhat bittersweet, as I have grown to love Birmingham these past 6 years. We will miss all of our friends and fam, coworkers, neighbors, and church.  However, it will be fun to get to work with my dad and husband, and have my parentals and sister so close. Baby O will get to play with his cousins all the time!

Lastly, WAR EAGLE!! All of the Osborn fam is headed to Glendale Saturday. I am so excited for them! I will be cheering hard from home.

Leaving you with one random picture that I stole from my sister, Fair talking to Baby O


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Wonderful updates! You are on the home stretch with Baby O and sounding great!! Proud of you little mommy!! Pumped about your big move to Selma town...so every time I am home I get to spoil/hang out with baby O!!

Kea, Lee, and Kylie said...

Hi Rayne!! So excited about you moving to Selma!! Maggie will be thrilled to have Baby O as a playmate! =)

Kay said...

Rayne! So, I had no idea about the finger or the Selma move when I saw you this week- sorry and congrats! Sorry about the finger, and congrats on the move! That's wonderful!!! Michael and I are still looking for a way to maybe do the same one day. :)
Thanks again for the visit- it was SO GREAT to see you, Cherry Pie, and Mac. Sorry if I talked too much- I haven't had much adult convo in the last four weeks. :)