Iphone Catch Up

Holden is in to everything

my two little "helpers" 

loves bath time and I love this little bath ring seat, makes things easier with two in the tub

goofballs, I would love to say they love walks, but not really. Lane is more into riding or pushing something...

I can't keep him clean, between his older sibling and his crawling and eating dirt, this is what he looks like by the end of the day

He does love this and thinks he is SO big

these two love going to visit the Tuckers, Lane was pitching a fit when we headed home yesterday!

Eating is more and more challenging as he is very opinionated these days...he now shakes his head NO when he doesn't like something...

if it rains, he wants to be outside ASAP to get in the puddles, must be a boy thing?!

sending our friend Bradford pictures of outfits to borrow

This was husband/wife teamwork at its best. We were putting in a electric fence for Amos as he is now exploring the neighborhood on a regular basis. This happened on a weeknight at around 11 pm as we realized it was going to rain the next morning and fill in the ditch that was ready for the wire. James is a perfectionist and I am well..not. So we had some interesting conversations that night in the dark about how things should be done. The highlight of the endeavor occurred when our neighborhood patrol came to check things out...I think they thought a domestic disturbance was underway....(which was not far off!)

he is always at my feet wanting to be picked up, LOVE it

Life is FULL!

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Caroline Bobo said...

These are great! Holden has changed so much and love his sweet smile and staying dirty! Love that Lane is all boy and wants to play in puddles!!