This past week we went skiing (Awesome, another post to come!) and then returned home to a beautiful Easter weekend. We "hide egg" according to Lane on Saturday and celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus on Sunday. This was our first Sunday of Blue Jean Church being in a different building (not at the First Presbyterian Church where I grew up).  I wondered if it would be different or if I would have any nostalgic feelings. God really was awesome... The Love of Jesus was tangible and I was so thankful for the new atmosphere. We sang a song that said He is ALIVE and He SAVES and I started boohooing...and looked over and so was James. Good stuff.
On to the Easter egg hunt pictures...

cousin shot with the bunny (yes matching outfits, does it get any more fun for boys?!!)

grandmomma and granddaddy came down

fam shot (and I am only tan because of my spray tan the day before!)

Lane was all about the hunt and putting eggs in his basket...

he even "found" the golden egg (with the help of sweet Sarah Mitchell)

until he popped them open and discovered the candy. Then it was all over! He just sat in the grass an ate. Don't blame him one bit. 

Holden and Pal

Sunday's picture at Seabed with Pie and Mydot

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Angie said...

I hope y'all had a happy Easter, love the pictures!!!