8/9 months and 2.2 years

These little rascals are getting so BIG!! They are both into everything....
Holden is crawling everywhere, opening and closing cabinets/doors, pulling up and standing on his own (only for a second before a big plop back down) 

He is over baby food and only wants to feed himself. Great. It makes dinner time very interesting! His favorites are cheese, sweet potatoes, avocado, goldfish, and graham crackers.  Yes goldfish and graham crackers...oh how times have changed...with Lane I would not let him have any sugar or processed anything for the first year. Holden downs handful of goldfish happily with his big brother. Oh, well. I think they will survive. 
He was a little under the weather this past week so I took him to the doctor. He weighs almost 22 pounds...such a big boy. He is still a momma's boy and I am loving every minute as I know it won't last long. He loves to be held, loves watching Lane, and loves playing hide and seek. 

This big brother is changing so fast. His language has exploded! He says new words everyday, and I am amazed at what he is learning. I love seeing the world through his eyes. His favorite things are "trac" (tractor), "park" and "outsi"(outside) 
Aren't they so sweet?

Pure Angels

Below are the "out takes"
Let's get real...they are not always smiley happy well behaved kiddos:

yes he is form tackling his brother and yes Holden is strong as an ox

can you see through the blurriness (is that a word?) to see the sheer determination on Lane's face...

so then he was disciplined, which usually is a spanking as "time out" doesn't seem to work these days.

and we are done!
Lane's other new favorite word is "mine"! My "babble" (cup), my mic (mickey mouse animal),  my ball, "I ride truck with da, hol stay hom" (holden stay home with momma, thanks)...so least you don't think we deal with the "twoness" coming out, oh we do...I will say these are not the norm, and really only come out when he is tired or needing some extra attention. 

overall they love each other and are really learning to interact

me: "Lane please sit up and smile for momma, so I can get a good picture"
Lane: above and below

now this one really is an angel :)

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