I have some great pictures on my "real"camera, but unfortunately my Macbook decided to crash, so uploading them is a problem...in the meantime I wanted to catch up the ole blog because we have had a few great events lately ...so all that to say, enjoy another round of phone pics...

We went to Kentucky, Danville to be exact to celebrate the marriage of this great couple. The wedding was beautiful...so much fun! My brother, Mac, and his crew were the caterers (Shindigs) and the food was delicious! Kate and Brett did a great job of making everything very personal and I loved all of the details...

the reception was in a large old tobacco barn at the bride's grandparents home

Kate made this herself on the morning of the wedding, talk about many talents..

Maggie and Bradford, the cutest ring bearer...He did not want to walk down the aisle on his own :)
He really was a hit all weekend though and was so much fun...

our travel companions

my hot date

we got to hang out with one of my favorite couples, Penny and Nick..Nick even went on a historical walking tour of Danville with us :)

The next week, the Tucker Twin girls made their debut!!! Abbie's water broke on Monday night...and the sweet girls came the next morning on April 30th...neat because it was also my twin girl cousins, Mary Russell and Shannon's birthday!

love this picture of the parents right before they took Abbie back...

holding sweet Emily Steele and Elliott Avery
Emily weighed 5.9 pounds and Elliott weighed 6.6 pounds
I have gotten to see them frequently over the past week, and they are adorable!

Last weekend we headed to the gulf with the Jones fam...the weather was not the best, but we made the most of it!

what a crew! Foster is 4 months older than Lane, and Holden is 3 months older than Jude (who is hidden in the sling on his momma)
Lane loving on Jude
also very thankful for these two ladies, Haley and Susanna who help with the boys and let us go to an adult dinner (Cosmo's, still one of my favs)

lunch at Cobalt

two little rascals that dominated the tv with Mickey Mouse (shake shake shake your peanut, is still stuck in my head!)

great day for kite flying as it was super windy

these two loved the water despite the chill factor, makes me exited for more fun times when it actually warms up

bath time is way more fun with friends!

we found a little nook out of the wind to enjoy the island

Great trip with great friends!!!

Lastly, I am so thankful to be a momma on this Mother's day weekend!
these little ones keep me on my toes! (He insisted he had a boo boo on his nose)

Holden trying to get under the bathroom door while Lane was finishing his bath

poor picture quality as it is a picture of a proof, but here is one of my favorite shots from our photo session with Barbara Harbin...thankful for my mother who went with me as photo sessions with two boys two and under are not exactly the easiest and most fun thing for a grandmother to do
So thankful for my wonderful mother and mother in law, so blessed!


Blair said...

Love the professional photo of the boys - they are darling!!!

Carrie said...

My Barbara Harbin pictures of Whit last year are one of my favorite things ever! Worth every penny! Can't wait to get one with both boys at some point!

Angie said...

GREAT post and lots of fun things going on with y'all!!! Love the boys proof...they are beautiful!!

Caroline Bobo said...

Love all the updates! You are a great Mama!! Sweet pic of the boys at the end :) Enjoy your trip and talk to you soon!!