3 months(ish)

Since he is almost four months, I better catch up...
Stats: we will find out for sure next week when we go for a check up but I would guess around 14.5 pounds, he is a big boy!
Favorites:  singing/talking with daddy, playing in the kickin coaster, watching Mickey with his brother though I try to block him, cooing with me in the mornings, and just being held. Holden likes to be held, named very appropriately!
Dislikes: he doesn't like background noise when he eats, he gets very nervous/fussy when his brother tries to hold him- rightfully so as it has not always turned out great for him, but overall he is a very content baby
Eating:5-6 ounces, 6 times a day, he is out eating what I am producing so I have started supplementing as needed. He usually gets a full formula bottle at night which has helped with his sleep consistency, he still randomly will have a 3:30 am snack every now and then which
(James says it is when he hits a growth spurt, hmmm not so sure)
Nicknames: Holdey, brother, and "Dee" from Lane
On the Horizon: rice cereal, rolling over-he is close, he gets stuck on his side 

he has starting sucking his thumb and loves his hands in his mouth

he is also very verbal and likes to tell me all about it

We love you sweet boy!


Caroline Bobo said...

Oh he is just too cute! Love all the stats...about to do this myself for EK! He is growing beautifully! Great job little Mama!!

hadleybinion said...

He's so adorable Rayne!! Hope to see you next time your in mobile!!

The Tuckers said...

He is soooooo cute! Love him!