Catching Up...

Is it really almost December? Is Christmas really right around the corner? How does it always happen so fast? The husband got out all off the Christmas decor out of the attic today, hint hint I guess. So I have spent the last few hours putting up the tree. Yes, gasp we have a fake tree. It is just so easy and my thymes frasier fir candle fills the void of the "real tree" smell.  As I type this my almost two year old just swung as hard as he could with his plastic golf club at the ornaments on the tree exclaiming "Balls"! Awesome.
What we have been up to this past week:
 zip lining through Costa Rica

I tried it upside down
lots of animal watching:

lots of pool and spa time
lots of socializing with new friends

lots of fishing or one full day I should say

and enjoying the fruits of our labor

We took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica this past week before Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. I highly recommend the place we stayed, very unique in that it was more of a small villa rather than hotel. There were only 3 other couples plus us staying, and we all shared meals together. Could be very awkward, but it actually was quite fun. We enjoyed hearing any tips of what excursions they had done that were not to be missed, tips of the area, etc. 
The weather was perfect. The husband and I had full conversations. We slept 8+ hours every night. 
Thanks to Pie and Pal for keeping the little munchkins. 
Mom sent me this text:
you can't see that great, but Lane is wearing Holden's 3 month turtleneck and overalls. 
Gotta love grandparents!

We then game home to a wonderful thanksgiving and stomach bug :)


Angie said...

Oh my the pictures of your trip look amazing!! We have NEVER been anywhere like this and were supposed to for our 10 year anni, well we are working on almost 12 years now. Maybe 15?!! haha!! So glad you are back, missed you. Robin had the stomach bug Thanksgiving night/Friday, hopefully me and the kids are in the clear...meaning Alice had it in Sept and Wiley 2 weeks ago. Hope y'all are all well and WE will see y'all tomorrow!! xo

Caroline Bobo said...

yay for blog update on your trip! Great on documenting the details with your pictures! Very impressed! Beautiful fish James caught and the view from the pool is amazing! So glad yall had a nice getaway and hopefully had some refreshment for body and soul! Crack me up about Lane's outfit!! haha!!

Blair said...

I want details! We want to plan a trip and CR sounds like it was amazing. Hope you two had a wonderful time and got some much needed adult-conversation in!