Catching up

First off, thanks to my guest bloggers for keeping the blog updated as I have been slacking...I am very humbled by Molly's post and so thankful for our friendship and being a part of the legacy of the names. Secondly, thanks to my sweet husband who not only did a surprise guest blog for my birthday, but did it at 5:00 am while feeding our little guy so I could sleep in on my birthday. The perfect gift. Speaking of baby boy, he is almost 8 weeks old....
here he is at 6 weeks
He is getting more and more personality. I love his coos and smiles, so sweet. He is my morning baby, and wakes up in the best mood. He still is not a consistent sleeper, sometimes going a 6 hour stretch, sometimes 4 hours at a time. I think I have just had to relax a bit and realize that just because he is not sleeping 8+ hours like his big brother did at this age, it is ok.  
He is a chunky monkey, he weighed 12.6 pounds (90th percentile) at his check up and grew an inch. I love his deep creases and rolls. He loves loves loves bath time and would stay for an hour in the sink tub if I would let him. 

This depicts the typical order of big brother's attention to Holden:
first: smiles and kisses 

Second: wants to share the limelight

Third: resorts to force if need be, this is him trying to "pick up" the little lamb seat. Poor Holden, his face is screaming, "mom, please help me!" Don't worry James was right there while I was clicking away :)

We have had a busy past few weeks and I have a lot of posts started that need finishing: Mom's 60th surprise birthday party, dove hunts, my birthday, our couples tennis tournament this past weekend...so stay tuned.
Also, Caroline of CARM fame is having baby Bobo tomorrow, I am SO excited!! I will be reporting in on boy or girl and the name as soon as I know! 

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Lacey said...

Aww... love the pics..Holden is getting so big!!