Tennis Weekend

A few weekends ago we headed down to Dothan for a Mixed Double Tournament. This is the tournament that I signed us up for about 6 months ago knowing we would have a 7 week and 19 month old. A little crazy?! Probably, but thanks to Pie and Pal for being troupers, we did it. It was tons of fun! (well truthfully it depends on who you ask-I had a great time, James...well he might not say the same) I was so excited about getting two nights of consecutive sleep, tennis and fellowship were a bonus. 
I don't have great pictures because after the first night, I left the camera in the hotel. These below are from our dinner at The Old Mill Restaurant. It was pretty good, but again, I was so excited for a night out it could have been Captain D's and I would have been impressed. 
The Taltons

The Osborns (by this point we had only lost one match and still had hopes of glory)

 Becky and Neil
 Rick and Amy

David and Michelle

The Garners

Robert and Emery

James, Baxter, and Hoffman (not sure what they are laughing at--probably James's serve)

So how did we do? Friday we lost, James was surprisingly not engaged. What do I mean? Well, he wasn't really running after the ball, wasn't keeping up with the score, and just overall apathetic. I looked at him at one point and said "What is wrong with you? TRY HARDER!" He said tennis just didn't get his competitive juices flowing. WHAT?! I realized right there, we were in trouble. So we lost and re-evaluted. 

This sweaty glamour shot was after our WIN on Saturday. We did much better, didn't hurt that the team we played was not that great. But oh well, I'll take it. 

Sunday we played a group from Birmingham. When we were warming up and the guy was serving and it reminded me of Baxter, Emery or Robert's serve (all 4.0's that are exceedingly better than James or me), I looked at James and said "oh, crap"--or something similar :) I knew we were in trouble. 
Surprisingly, my slow forehand was frustrating for him (probably bc he was used to playing people that could actually hit it hard) and we won the first set in a tie break. In the second set it all went down hill. We were down 4-3 when James and I had a few little tense moments of who should be where when, and it all fell apart. OR more correctly James's had a temper tantrum. He might have smacked the net a few times with his racquet. He also might have smacked the court with his racquet, and it might have broken in two places.  He also might have yelled loud enough for our opponents to hear "IT IS OVER". Indeed it was. We lost 10-5 in the tie break. 
HMMMM...maybe being tennis partners with your spouse is not the best idea.

But all in all, we came back with our marriage intact and enjoyed fellowship with the Selma tennis family. 

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Caroline Bobo said...

This post is so funny! Love all your details and hearing about the matches. Crack me up when James said tennis doesn't get his competitive juices flowing...then to break his racket!! heehee!! Great pics and glad you had a weekend away with your hubby and friends!