Week Two and 18 months

Holden is 2 weeks old today...we are still transitioning, but I would say everything is getting easier day by day. He is still such an eater! He eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day and finally last night stretched to 3 to 3.5 hours at night. He eats around 3 ounces a feeding. During the day, he is a pretty laid back fellow. He does the newborn thing, eating, awake for a bit and then nap time. He also handles his brother's onslaughts pretty well-Lane still tends to "over love" if given the opportunity. He has gotten more accustomed to baby brother or "Dee" as he calls him for now. We told him he better be sweet because I have a feeling "little brother" will be a lot bigger than him pretty quickly. 

Lane is 18 months old. He is becoming so verbal. Newer words include: eat. out, geese, teeth, eye, ice, keys, juice, and his favorites are still hot and dog...He is not as much an eater. He does like a good snack like his momma. His favorite right now are Nibbly fingers by Ella's Kitchen.
Lane loves corn on the cob. He can eat two whole cobs in one sitting. Here he is going to town:

He also loves noodles of any kind.
His favorite things include: pushing his lawnmower outside, pushing his shopping cart inside, watching Mickey Mouse Club (he is obsessed!),  playing with his grandparents, going to feed the horses, riding the mule to the lake to see the geese, and dates to Zaxbys. 
He starts "school" next week. I am excited as I think he will love having so much interaction with other kiddos his age. 


Steven said...

Rayne, Hor looks a lot like Lane did at that age.

Margaret said...

They are both so adorable. Simms started "playschool" at our church when Cope was 2 weeks old and it was such a wonderful thing for her those few hours every couple.days to have little ones her age to interact with.