A Visitor and Preschool

Yesterday sweet baby Rayne and her momma Molly came down for a visit. We had the best time, talking all things newborn and breast feeding :) It is nice to have some adult conversation while taking care of the little ones. We even strolled to lunch. Note: Rich is you see this, I promise she was strapped in safely, maybe not to safety regulations, but safe none the less. Thanks Mols for coming to visit!!

Today this little boy started Preschool....
I could cry at the cuteness. Oh wait, I did. 
figuring it out

daddy adjusting

all perfect and ready to go!

I dropped him off, he walked in, jumped on a riding toy and waved bye bye without even making eye contact. I think he will be just fine. 


Margaret said...

Oh how precious

Nancy said...

He looks so cute all ready for school!

Angie said...

Oh how sweet! He looks like a big boy ;( So happy for the new memories he will be making!!