Professionals and One Month

 This past Mother's Day the CARM husbands (led by Mitchell, way to go) gifted their wives with a professional photography class. This past Saturday we all met in Birmingham to actually participate.
For the first hour we went over the basics, ISO, White Balance, etc. (Now this was all still somewhat new to me as I might not have read the whole any of the manual. For students like say Abbie, it was just a quick refresher) We then spent the next hour with our partners outside trying to practice what we learned. Maggie was my partner, lucky her.

Here we have a lesson of thirds. Does you eye travel around the picture? Do you notice the contrast of the bush? Job well done by me. I am being sarcastic in case you wondered. 

Here I learned the beauty of the monochromatic setting. Thanks Maggie for being such a great model.
In all seriousness, it was a lot of fun and I did learn some things. 

CARM students, The teacher took this one and commented that he liked it and felt like our personalities showed through (what does that mean?!)

On the home front, this little boy turned a month old this week. He is still a big eater and slowly sleeping a bit more. He is now eating around 9:00 sleeping until 1, eating again, then waking again around 4-5:00 eating, then up for the day around 7:00. I really had forgotten what this lack of sleep stage felt like :( 

He is definitely going to be my cuddle bug. He loves to be held and snuggle close. I love this as Lane was never really like that. He is smiling and cooing now and it melts my heart. I also forgot how much I love his baby smell. (nice contrast to his older brother)

Holden, One month
Can you tell I like the monochromatic setting?


Caroline Bobo said...

Someone listened well to the instructor :) Great pics of Maggie...seriously! you did good! Steven thinks it is funny we all love the monochromatic setting!! I think Holden has changed so much since he was born! so cute!! Glad he likes to snuggle with you. Loved our day together on Sat!!

Steven said...

Rayne, I know that I have yet to meet Holden but to be honest he looks like Lane's twin, a.k.a. mini Donnie Russell. All I got to say is, Big Donnie's genes are strong.

Molly Hargather said...

He does look so much like Lane! Precious. and I'm jealous of your class...would love to do that!

Maggie said...

Thank you for using the monochromatic setting on me so your lovely readers could not tell how nasty-white my non-exercised legs really are. Can you post pictures of Lane at one month beside Holden's? I had to read the caption to see who it was. :)