36 weeks pregnant + sprained ankle + 16 month old = awesome

I still have been playing tennis and loving it...last night, I went for the ball and met the concrete instead. The good thing is that I protected the baby and my stomach, but in doing so rolled my ankle.  It is not broken, just a high ankle sprain. It is pretty painful, not gonna lie. 
Thank goodness James has been a good Mr. Mom and the parentals are taking Lane to the beach with them for a couple of days. 

It could be worse, remember this?  


Caroline Bobo said...

Rayne!!!! this is what I was worried about with you playing tennis!!! So glad you and baby are ok. So sorry :( Hope you can heal up soon

Jana Garner said...

How about a shout out to your sister and friend Abbie who made sure you didn't pass out on the way home? Been praying for quick mending for you and fast legs for James to run after Lane. love!

Jennifer Trott said...

Bless your heart! I am so sorry!!!!!!!

Blair said...

Sad to hear you are injured!! Hope you are up and about again soon!