34 weeks

This pregnancy is flying by...don't want Baby #2 to feel neglected so here are my "For the Records":

How big is baby? Not sure...I would guess around 4.5 to 5 pounds, I have been measuring right on to a week behind as far as belly, which is larger than with Lane. I usually was 2 weeks behind. Dr. E said this baby should be right around the same size. I have only had 2 ultrasounds this time, versus whenever I wanted with Lane, (my previous job had an ultrasound machine on site) so it is kind of funny because I just don't get to go check on him whenever I want. We also didn't do the 4D this time as last time after three tries we still didn't get a good shot.

Maternity clothes?: Summer is awesome for being pregnant as far as dressing goes. Yes, you deal with a little heat, but I LOVE being able to throw on white jeans and a loose airy top or shorts and a maternity T with flip flops. Heaven.  Accessories are more fun as well with all of the cute turquoise and coral out for the season. My go to jeans are Gap and Maternal America from Swanky Stork
I bought these little flip flops the beginning of the summer for a comfy throw on and they are amazing. Like walking on a cloud...and for 30 dollars, worth every penny.

Sleep?: Not so much. Baby boy #2 is very active at night, especially around 2:15 am. I hope this is not an indication that he is a night owl. I am still exercising regularly with tennis, walking, and such and this I think helps on the sleep front. The days I am really active, I do sleep harder.

Food cravings?: Nothing crazy...carbs and sweets, but oh wait, that is all the time. I have not eaten as much chocolate cake this time, but filled in pretty well with Reese's and brownies. I am having more heartburn than with Lane, so I eat a larger lunch and then smaller dinner and that helps keep it at bay. I have had several tomato sandwiches for dinner this past week, and they have hit the spot!

Movement?: VERY active now, more so than with Lane. I can see him roll around and see my stomach move.
Belly button?: it is half in half out, sweet. looks great in my swim suit. NOTE:lots of sarcasm
What are you looking forward to in the next week?: another beach trip!

Drs. Visits?: I go in the 22nd, and then every week. I had blood work done last visit to check my platelet levels, and praise the Lord everything was fine (178 to be exact). I was nervous about this bc with Lane my platelet level got so low I was very close to not being able to have an epidural. As I told Dr. E, I do not have a natural birth plan. As quoted from one favorite movies Baby Mama:
(preface: this is when they are in birthing class)
 "Now who is having an all natural birth?"
(everyone raises their hands)
Instructor: "And who is going to use toxic drugs to get rid of the pain?"
(raises both hands up while bouncing on the ball)

"Whoop, Whoop!!!"
Hello scary

I am very excited about meeting this baby boy, I can't wait to see what his little personality is...I also am excited nervous to see how Lane reacts. Any suggestions from moms out there on the best way to ease the transition for the new siblings?

Our first produce from the garden. Aren't they cute?!


Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

It's getting so close!! I'm very excited! And glad that you are doing this before me, so I can take some pointers from you! Thank goodness your platelets were good- that would be scary. I will be praying that Lane does well, I'm sure he will be great! When I ask Foster where the baby is, he just hits my tummy hard. That's not a good sign!!;)

Jana Garner said...

I think you are doing GREAT!! Know you've made a choice to stay active and not eat everything you want - its paying off big time! The mators are cute.

Angie said...

LOVE this update~Thankful for the news as well that you shared with me Sunday night! You have the picture perfect pregnancy and you look AMAZING~so cute and the best prego dresser I know!!! Have a fun weekend and I'll see you the weekend we come home from our trip! Thank you so much for today, love getting Pal's, Dr. James and Dr. Rayne's opinion for little Wild Man!! xoxo

Caroline Bobo said...

Great pregnancy update and love the Swanky shout out :) You look great and are doing much better on the exercise end of things than me!! oops!! yay for platelets being good!! Cannot wait to meet baby boy!!

Blair said...

Don't worry about Lane - he will adjust just fine. He'll probably be more curious at first about baby brother! LG didn't get 'jealous' until a month or two into Maggie being around but even then it wasn't bad. Two is definitely an adjustment but y'all will handle it great!!