Baby Rayne Rossell

Today is a very special day...Molly and Rich Rossell had their baby, a beautiful baby GIRL! They named her Rayne Emma Rossell. TEARS. I am SO honored to have a namesake!!
pre-epidural, Yes she is just relaxing!

and yes she is about to have a baby, looking amazing!

LOVE this picture of the proud Daddy...This is him sharing the joyous news of a baby GIRL. I can't handle surprises, so was dying to find out!!! I was also surprised to find out her name...Rayne Emma Rossell, to be called Rayne! I boo-hood like a baby. Bess her sister has a hilarious picture of me finding out, I will share when she sends it. A neat tradition continues...Molly's mom Patti was named after her college room mate. Molly is named after her mom's college room mate, and now Molly's baby girl is named after me, her college room mate. I am glad my messes and disorganization didn't scar her too badly :)

Proud Grandparents, The neat thing is this is their 10th grandchild and no one (Molly and siblings) has ever found out the sex. AHHHH, how do they do that every time?! It made it very exciting in the waiting room!

beautiful new momma and baby, She did awesome by the way, pushed for less than an hour and she was here

Rayne Emma Rossell
8.8 lbs. and 21 inches long
LOVE her already 

Love you Rossell family, so happy to celebrate God's miracle with you today. I promise to be a faithful prayer warrior for baby Rayne and SPOIL her rotten! (hello, I am soon to have 2 boys and let's face it, girl stuff is a lot cuter, good reason for some pink, ruffles, and lace purchases!!)


Bess O said...

Rayne, we loved celebrating with you yesterday! And we love Baby Rayne! I will definitely send you some pictures. Molly looks amazing in all these pictures!

Bess O said...

I just looked at the pictures again and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures of Molly holding her baby girl! And you captured Rich's expression perfectly...he was beaming ALL day!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

Rayne, that is so sweet! It's great that there is now a baby girl Rayne Rossell. I love it! These pictures are so good and y'all look great!

Angie said...

You are just a glowing! How special and sweet of Molly to name her baby after you ;) I know you were a big mess of tears! Not much longer until we meet another sweet Osborn boy.

Caroline Bobo said...

Great post!! So excited about baby Rayne :) I cannot wait to see the pic with your reaction...such a sweet moment. Molly looks amazing and cannot believe she ONLY pushed for 1 hour!!