Seabed Beach Trip

This past weekend we headed back to the beach to enjoy some time with my mom's side of the fam...my grandparents rented a condo at Turquoise Place (or Palace we called it!). It was awesome, beautiful views and great pool areas for Lane. 
I like this picture, because it is very accurate of how we spend time at the beach or anywhere for that matter. Lane boy running ahead and parent (now namely James due to my slow waddling) strolling behind (in this instance with a frozen drink in hand). He does not slow down. 

He loved the Gulf this time...it was a little calmer and the waves didn't phase him. 

At night we hung out at the condo and ate delicious meals prepared by my mom and aunts. We had feasts of shrimp, fish, homemade bread, fresh vegetables, homemade cakes, cookies, etc. This pregnant lady was in heaven. 

Lane loved the tuna dip. Aunt Mary Alice showed him how to properly dip, but he was more of a double to triple dipper. 
Sunset on the balcony

This last night Pop took us to Voyagers at the Perdido Beach Resort. Yum!
The whole crew
Lane giving Mydot kisses. 

Jess and Emily

This is how Lane sits at restaurants, feet propped up...not very good etiquette, but I was so proud he didn't have any major break downs, I let it slide. 

sisters and Pop and Mydot

Pie and Lane

Macon and Elon, my lovely cousins

Thanks Seabed and Pop for a wonderful time! 


Caroline Bobo said...

How sweet of My Dot and Pop to take all of ya'll! I didn't know ya'll were going somewhere else! Looks like Lane Boy had a great time!!

Molly Hargather said...

Rayne...he is SO CUTE!! I can't believe how big he is. You look great as well!

Our McNest is a blog of the life of a family. said...

Girl you look amazing! so excited for Molly and so special for you. We always have the baby give older sibling a present in the hospital. Something sweet. Lane will do great and probably not even notice. Come see me soon!!