Day to Day

This has been one of those weeks...nothing exciting, just the norm...work and family time with some exercise and friend fellowship thrown in. Do you ever have those weeks where you are just thankful that you made it through, and it is Friday? Not trying to be a negative Nancy, just keeping it real.
James got him this sweater, he looks like a baby 30 year old.
 Somehow he knew he was dressed like a big boy.

He is also getting too smart for his own good...
This is the look he gives me after. I am in trouble. (also think he is due for a haircut?)

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are planning to do nothing, and I can't wait! 


jana said...

Seriously handsome 30 year old with some fabulous fashion sense!!!! And, by the way, steaks with your sister constitutes plans - goooooood ones! love, love and more love - jg

Angie said...

Such a sweet boy~and yes sometimes you have to put them in 30 year old things to mix it up ;) love! goooo James--You have been my #1 fan this week :)))) and tell him to be looking for a post this weekend...since he thinks I am "slacking"

Caroline Bobo said...

I am soo behind on reading blogs! I cannot believe Lane can take the cabinet protector thing off! wow! He is so stinkin cute! I didn't think it was possible but he does get cuter and cuter as he grows!