Bradford's Visit

This past weekend we had the pleasure of having the Lewis fam down for a visit. Lane got to "play" with Bradford, and he was intrigued to say the least....

Bradford is sooo sweet. I had forgotten what an infant's cries sounded like. Maggie would say, "oh he is really upset about something"
 if he was crying...to me it sounded like sweet displeasure. Funny what you get used to when you have a one year old that screams bloody murder when he is really upset. 

When Aunt Ra Ra was babysitting... I was so busy taking pictures, Lane might have gotten his sweet paws on Bradford for a tiny second. 

See the evidence. (don't worry, it was superficial and went away within minutes or I would have not taken a picture and laughed with his momma!) What am I going to do in a few months when 2 little ones is my reality daily?!

In other news, Lane boy turns 1 this Saturday!! We are celebrating with a family quail hunt and supper. I know this sounds strange for a one year old birthday party, but if he could talk, I know this is what he would ask for as quail hunting is easily his favorite activity. 

How time flies!

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