Bath time and other Tidbits

Other randomness: Have you read my sister's blog? I am so glad she is finally blogging as she is a great writer with a very witty sense of humor. Go check it out!

Any book recommendations? I just finished a couple (Proof of Heaven and Inheritance of Beauty for those interested) and they were just ok. I enjoy a good light read before bed time. 

We have a new sign at work:
If you are in the area, come see us!


jana said...

LOVE the bathtime pics - clearly so did you and Lane!!! Thank you for picking up my peeps and taking them to Dollar General. You know to them that is better than a shopping trip to Saks! Also, thanks for the blog plug - it's fun!

Caroline Bobo said...

Great hairdo Lane! I added Jana to my list the other day! Love that she is blogging now! Sign looks great!

Leighton said...

Such a fun post! Try reading "The Sisters" by Nancy Jensen...Loved it!

Lindsay said...

I'm loving those self pictures! Wish I could bring J to your office, I'm super anxious about that first trip!