Sick Baby

Lane has had bronchitis for the past week, boooo.  It started as a little cold, and then really took hold until he couldn't breathe. He has been on medicine for several days, and is feeling much better. He has been home bound for awhile to help him recover, and he went a little stir crazy. See pictures below:
this is the face he makes before he opens the drawers right behind him and pulls out the tubber ware. 

pulling of Christmas balls and throwing them

yep, he knows he did wrong!

working on opening the trash lid

pulling on Amos

We decided to go ahead and give him his Christmas present from us so he would have a new activity around the house. An eyesore  ball pit. 

getting there as fast as he can go

"For me?!"

"This is so cool!"

I think he likes it. 

Once he started feeling better, he made a few appearances at the Russell Christmas on Saturday and Crawford Christmas on Sunday. More to come on those soon...


Caroline Bobo said...

AdOrAbLe!!!!!! That is an eye sore!! I mean..he smiles even when he is sick! sorry I missed you! Can't wait to hear about your Christmas parties!!

Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

I'm so glad that Lane is feeling better!!
I laughed when you said eyesore because I was just saying the same thing! Foster got tired of his ball pit for a little while and now he is loving it again.
The other day I couldn't find my phone and guess where it was...? In the bottom of that tacky ball pit! I found it when I followed the ringing:)
Can't wait to see y'all again!

Natalie said...

he is precious! that smile! that hair! those striped leggies! mmmm so cute
merry christmas!!

Nancy said...

He is so cute!!