Happy Friday!

Fridays are the best! I don't work on Fridays, so it is my day to run errands, catch up on blogging/email, spend time with Lane boy, eat lunch with my husband...you get the idea.
I wanted to share some pictures of Lane and Amos. Amos got a new dog bed (early Christmas present) as he was trying to sleep on our sofa. He loves it, and so does Lane.
 poor Amos, he is kind of Lane's jungle gym
(phone pic, pardon Amos's glow eyes)

More jungle gym pics:

so fun! Hopefully one day Amos will think he is just as fun back.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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Kristen@ Joy in the Journey said...

These pictures are so cute and Amos is a very good sport! They will grow up to be best buddies:)