Gingerbread Wonderland

Yesterday we attended the Gingerbread Wonderland event hosted by the Selma Charity League. My sister, Jana, was one of the chairmen of the event and did a fabulous job! I have never seen so many kids, parents with cameras, and candy in one place in my life. Lane was a little overwhelmed, but once he saw familar faces, he loved it! 

 Cousin Sam always gets a big smile.
 especially when he shares his Holiday punch.
 I think he liked it.
 decorating the house (aka I decorated while trying to keep him from eating all of the candy)
Our friends Foster and Kristen were there (Lane is transfixed on the balloons).
Thanks Angie for taking all of these pictures for me! 

 I tried my hardest to get a good cousin picture, but this was as close as it got. Sam was peeking over Lane's head while Lane watched Fair do a cheer. Oh well, they are precious anyway!

Leighton Grace (my friend Blair's little girl) meeting Lane 

And then Santa came...I tried to talk him up to Lane. He made his typical UHH noise, so I thought it was a good sign he was ready.

and Done!

I heard him ask for tubber ware, boxes, and doors to open and close (as these are his favorite things). Santa won't be spending a lot on toys this year! 

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Caroline Bobo said...

Lane boy just makes me smile! Cutie pie! You did a wonderful job with your gingerbread house!! Cousin pic is funny!