Pictures and first ever GIVEAWAY!!

We had fun with this little monkey:

He thought his outfit was hysterical. I  We would walk in front of the mirror and he would catch a glimpse of himself and start chuckling. He did get tired of the head piece.

we had a visit from Batwoman Fair and Tinkerbell Kylie

such a studly Batman--could it be my BIL?

cutest monkey I know

Dr. Molar

family fun, maybe one day Lane can appreciate how dorky we are

I made these muffins for our upcoming tennis weekend and I think they are delish:

My sister and I went to market in Atlanta this week and found some great presents. Bracelets similar to these were a fun find :

So, to enter the drawing for a turquoise bangle, please leave a comment and let me know your favorite competitive sport to participate in

I'll be back Monday with a full re-cap of the big tournament and a winner!! 


Angie said...

If I do say so myself, that is the cutest monkey I have ever seen and he is lucky to have you two "dorky" parents-BUT y'all are really not that dorky (teehee)

What a fun idea, a giveaway!!My favorite sport that I was very competitive at was softball! I played from the age of four, and through Highschool! I played some Co-Ed with the Husband after we married but realized that I might not be cut out for the sport at a older age :)

GOOD luck at State--Beth asked me to come to the Party at Cobalts but not so sure I can swing it ;)

AND lastly, I want to make these muffins! But I really want to try your first :p Adios Friend!!

Olivia said...

Precious costumes! Love the bangle. I'll have so to say, since I just completed my first marathon - I guess my favorite sport to compete in is running! (although I'm too slow to ever win any race ever!)

Reb21 said...

Baseball is my favorite game to play, Football is my favorite to watch.

Brittany and Brant said...

Your little guy is too cute! Brant and I read your blog often and enjoy it each time!

I love the bracelets, I spotted the gold ones with orange at market a few weeks ago myself! I might have purchased too!

My favorite sport to compete in would be basketball, I enjoyed it throughout junior high, but then just decided to keep the book as I entered HS!

Have fun this weekend!

Kay said...

Y'all's costumes were SUCH GREAT advertising! And Lane won't be alone in the "dorky parent" category. Make sure you send me y'all's new address so that I can add you to our Christmas card list- and then you can see how "dorky" we can be too!
You know my fav competitive sport... basketball! Shoot, I'll even do the "Carlton" for you again one day. :) Miss y'all!!!!!

Leighton said...

Such cute costumes!!!

Favorite sport to compete in is basketball...even though I don't play anymore. LOVE it, though!

Good luck to you!!!!

tarheelmom said...

Love the Dr. Molar and toothbrush costumes! (monkey man too)
I played tennis and basketball in HS and some tennis in college, but now I play couch potato watching football and basketball!

The bangles are so cute!

Millie said...

Hey Rayne!
love seeing pictures of your little boy- he is precious! hope yall are doing well! love the bangles, too. i always loved basketball in high school, but i guess now i would have to say football, since my house full of boys watches so much of it!

Millie Murray Seifert

Natalie said...

It used to be tennis but seeing as I haven't played any sport since college I would say...competitive baby wrangling? Does that count?

Caroline Bobo said...

I am obviously behind on reading blogs! Love little Lane Monkey :) and of course love the toothbrush and Molar outfits! James wearing tights is my favorite part acutally :) haha!
Out of all sports in high school...softball was my most favorite. I am not the competitive type but loved softball!!