Little boys...


Lane had his buddy Foster over to play (and their mommies also enjoyed a good visit)

Watch out Foster!!

 Foster is 4 months older than Lane and is more advanced as far as actually playing goes...Lane just wanted to give him a good slobber. 

Having Fun!

and then not so much :)
If one started crying the other did not want to be left out!
Love this one! Checking themselves out in the mirror

Thanks for coming over Foster and Kristen, we look forward to many more fun times over the years...


Kristen said...

Love the pictures, Rayne! Foster had a great time and I really enjoyed getting to catch up with you! I'm going to borrow that crying picture- it is just too funny! vino tasting coming soon... :)

Caroline Bobo said...

Precious crying pic! Glad ya'll are getting the boys together!