and the Winner is....

Millie! Congratulations--Millie says she loved basketball is high school, but now watches a lot of football with her boys. Please send me email or facebook me your address and your bangle will be on its way.

In other news, we placed Third in our tennis tournament this weekend!! Wahoo! The "big girls" aka the 6.5 ladies team from Selma won overall!! They are really awesome and so much fun to watch. 
Our Team, "Make Some Racquet" (minus Amy)

Kea, Beth, me, and Kate

Kate and I played together most of the weekend, and I was so thankful for her as my partner. She dominates the net. I prefer to run around on the baseline. 

Sister fun--Friday night dinner at Cobalts

The Roll Tiders before the game Saturday

before Saturday playing, all smiles--this was before we got beat!

the team that put it to us, this serious pow wow should have been our first clue

with Baxter, our fabulous Coach and Birthday Boy!!

my boo-boo, tennis courts are not very forgiving (and to make it worse, I didn't even win the point)

A few more pictures:

whole Selma group

So, I guess I should reveal the whole truth--we placed 3rd, but there were only three teams. We did beat the team from Birmingham that went on to win the whole thing though, so there was some light in the darkness so to speak. All in all, it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun! The ladies on my team are the best--so fun to be around. I am looking forward to lot more trip girls, and next time Victory!

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Caroline Bobo said...

It wouldn't be right if you played a sport and didnt' get a bruise or bump! haha! Great tennis outfits by the way!