9 months

Lane boy at 9 months,  He is everywhere!
New favorites this month: opening and closing cabinets and doors, taking Amos's bone and then crawling away as fast as he can so Amos will "chase" him,  clapping his hands, and some new sounds like "th" and squealing when he is excited
He is standing and pulling up on everything, but still no independent steps.  He had his check up last Friday, and he weighs 19 pounds and is 28 inches tall. He is a pretty good eater, and most of the time he will eat some of what we are eating mashed up and then one jar of baby food. He is still takes about 5 bottles a day. 

He is learning knows what "no" means and is starting to push his boundaries with certain "no-no's". Examples: trying to turn over Amos's water bowl, pulling out the plug in the bath tub, and turning around in his high chair. He is quick to stop when he hears "No sir", but occasionally will linger just a moment to see my reaction. I never knew 9 month olds were so smart. 
His fake cry face

Bath time is still his favorite. 

Oh My Goodness, I love him so much!!

sweet little legs

Coming up: pictures from his first play date with his buddy Foster!


Angie said...

Happy 9 months you cute baby boy!! You sure are growing fast.
ps--you look precious in your robe!

Caroline Bobo said...

Cutest baby award much :) Love the fake cry face!! I think that is so funny! I need to spend some time with little Lane soon!!!