My Boys

 Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful day here...sunny, no humidity, and warm but not hot. Perfect for a packed picnic lunch outside (or pick up Taziki's and find the nearest park bench). This weather makes me ready for the beach. One of my friends recently posted here, about being a mountain kind of girl. I am definitely a beach kind of girl... boat rides to the island, sand between my toes, fresh shrimp dinners, cocktail cruises, the smell of salt water in your hair, and if the conditions are right, a fishing trip with my dad. I can't wait for Lane to experience it all.
I think they look just alike here

getting some sugar

Notice the back of his head has a nice ring around it? It cracks me up! I am not sure why his hair will not grow there, but it won't. Also notice the nice mullet forming. I see all of these pictures of baby's first haircut when they are like a year old. His might be a lot sooner if this keeps up!

I don't think I have told all of my blog friends that my sister-in-law, Lacey is pregnant! I am so excited for them...she is due Sept. 21st (praying for her sake and mine she will be a week early and have baby Russell on my birthday)
This Thursday we will find out if baby Russell is a boy or girl. I can't wait, I think girl. We shall see...she has come up with a fun way to reveal the sex to everyone, so I will document for you.
I know he/she will be beautiful with these two as parentals!


Steven said...

Rayne, honestly, after I tortured you on a hike in NC and you jumped in the car and sped off into the sunset....I could have sworn you were a mountain woman?

V's Mama said...

Rayne--- the ring is from rubbing his sweet little head on his crib sheets, car seat, comfy seats... e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g he can to take a better glimpse of the world! I'll email you a tip that Alec came up with for V! Ha! I think it's adorable :)

Rayne said...

Thanks for the wisdom Jamie! I had NO idea..and would love to know what Alec came up with :)