8 weeks

The little man is now 2 months old! (I guess you start counting by months now??)
I have said this before, but he really is such a good baby. He is sleeping 8-10 hours every night and is only fussy when he needs something. (I know I am blessed) Now that being said, I now go to bed around eight o'clock because I am sooo tired by the end of the day. I am doing bootcamp at 5:30 am, which has been challenging, but the only time I really have to workout. (and for the record, eating a piece of chocolate cake everyday in the last trimester was not a good idea) I am still breastfeeding...just pumping at work. I don't know what I would do without the Medela. It has to go everywhere! Here are his latest pictures, he is quick to smile and coo...especially at his Daddy, I try not to get jealous.
He loves, loves having his diaper changed!

Doesn't he look more like a little boy here?!!

probably smiling at the light

I could just kiss this face off!! (picture taken by M Lewis)

Below is a Flip Video that James took yesterday of Lane playing in his MamaRoo. You can't hear him due to the sound, but he was cooing like crazy. (everyone besides grandmothers--you only have to watch a couple of seconds, it is the same thing the whole time!)


Caroline Bobo said...

EAT HIM UP WITH A SPOON!!! Rayne..he is really growing...getting so big! I must see him ASAP!!!

Steven said...

I am not sure why my wife wants to eat your baby.

V's Mama said...

He is so sweet and cute and ADORABLE!!! It is truly a blessing to be parents to a happy baby!!! :) I hope you are doing great--- GOOOO Rayne for going to boot camp! You're a champ!!!