Gender Reveal

I'm going to have another nephew! I am so excited! I was totally wrong, I thought Mac and Lacey were having a girl the whole time. without a doubt. What a fun surprise! Lane will have a boy cousin only 7 month younger. I know they will be great friends and get into alot of trouble fun together. Here are a few pictures that I have from the night. Lindsay, Lacey's sis who most of you know as Ole Miss Mom did a great post, so go check it out here.  Lacey made a game that everyone played to find out that baby Russell is a he. She explains it in this video --Go check it out and pass it along to any of your friends that are pregnant and want to play the game, such a great idea!

setting the game up

 Mother to be and Daddy Doc

playing excitedly

 Mac and Lacey's nieces and nephews (minus Rhodes)


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Caroline Bobo said...

Yay for BOY!!! Lane will have so much fun with him and teach him how to be a good boy :)