A Birthday and Ice Day Pics

I am a little behind on January activites, mainly due to the "winter storm 2011". I don't say this lightly, as I know many of you had alot of snow and very bad traveling conditions for the past week. But, around our house, it was really only bad for about 2 days. We were off work for several days, and since my husband was pulling on the tigers in Arizona I was iced in with Amos. We had lots of bonding time. I am really wondering what he is going to think when Baby O comes. Anyway, thanks to all of my sweet friends and fam who called to check on me. I definitely am in nesting mode. I washed lots of baby items, worked on organizing the nursery, and cleaned out several closets. It felt great to be productive. I started packing my hospital bag because James said "if you don't have it packed and go into labor, I will just grab your toothbrush." Spoken like a true dentist. Any tips from moms out there on what is needed?

Last Friday we celebrated one of my best friends bdays with a delicious dinner at the Tavern on the Summit (the one on the bottom). So fun! ps-they have the BEST sweet potatoe fries ever...and I am not just saying that bc I am pregnant!
Mitchell and Mags the bday girl

Maggie and Brett, siblings

typical Mags, she wanted to show off her "chins"

 Now on to Ice day pictures...

my sidekick the past week

trying to be artsy with my new lens

no cars here

lots of kiddos sledding

my sweet neighbors, Heather and Oak (who was not so sure about the cold)

Amos and Jet frolicking in the snow

Matt, Glory, and Oak "sledding"

pondering the winter wonderland
I accepted a last minute invite to the Raders (who only live less than a mile away, so I was able to get there safely)  to watch the championship game with Mac, Lacey, Lovey and Doc...Mac fixed a delicious dinner of lamb, carrots, potatoes and grilled endives. followed by molton chocolate cake. Baby O likee

Hope everyone is staying warm!


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Maggie is NOT going to like that one pic you put up of her double chins!! heehee! Good job with the new lens! love all the snow pics. Very glad you were able to watch the game with family! By the way...I could eat that lamb right off the computer! how delish!!

Kay said...

What I learned about my hospital bag:
1. I wanted to stay in the hospital gown because it was just easier, but one nurse made a comment about it, so I changed into the pj's I packed. Pack several.

2. I didn't pack JM any clothes other than his going home outfit- and then the nurses in the NICU wanted to know what I had for him to wear. Everything I had read said not to pack them anything because they would wear the hospital tshirts. Yeah- we had to make a tshirt into pants that night until Michael could go home and get something for our poor child.

3. Pack something for your feet- slippers, socks, something.

4. Before you leave the hospital, pack the hospital "goodies" and take them home with you. It's not stealing- whatever you don't use, they HAVE to throw away. And they have the best stuff- and most of it you can't buy at the drugstore. I was so glad to have my own little "hospital stash" when I got home.