Fun Websites

I have been browsing the world wide web lately looking for things we might need want for Baby O.  I am amazed at all of the great websites dedicated to all things baby and maternity. Some I just like to look at, knowing the price point is not really in the budget, others you can actually get some great deals. Here are a few I have enjoyed finding (or hearing about from other moms):

http://strollertraffic.com/ Love this one bc gives tips, other sites, and advice on products, clothes etc.

 http://magnificentbaby.com/default.aspx?id=1 Outfits with no snaps, only magnets...brilliant

http://www.magpielovely.com/  If Baby O was a she, I would so be purchasing some of these handmade beauties, but it is still fun to look...

https://www.zulily.com/ Great discounts posted daily, you do have to join, but it is free

http://www.tadashop.com/ fun hodgepodge of different clothing brands, I especially love Bella Bliss...also love this "farm jumper" from Sweet William

http://tinysprouts.com/ purchased an outfit for a friend from here, and it turned out really sweet

 http://angeldear.net/  Precious lovies, blankets, pillows, and outfits

http://projectnursery.com/  Fun nursery ideas, along with children's rooms and birthday parties for when they are older

Happy Browsing! Please feel free to pass along anymore I would love...

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