Baby O Showered with Blessings

This past weekend family and friends came together to celebrate Baby Osborn. To say it was special and wonderful would be an understatement. I feel very humbled and thankful. For all of you moms out there, you totally understand...it is such an incredible feeling knowing that your loved ones are there to support and celebrate this new life that is forming inside of you. Everything was perfect. Here is a glimpse:

sweet sisters and mom

delicious spread, right up my alley! every kind of cheese imaginable+the fixings

30 week "bump"

the wonderful Remmert women

CARM and CARM's mommies (basically all my second moms)

yes, a GIGANTIC stork!

sweet Blair, who will be on speed dial for mommy tips
with the fabulous hostesses!!!
blessing ring, so neat! James and I read it that night out loud to baby O and it was so powerful, thank you all for you prayers and words of life over him! of course I balled...

sweet attendees

hand sewn gown coat made by Mrs. Rita Boyd (Spoiled Rotten for those of you in or near Mobile), unbelievably beautiful! (If you can't tell by my face)
Given by: GG, Aunt Ann, Shannon and Mary Russell

James's favorite! Given by his Aunt Teresa

my wonderful SIL, Betsy, who turned 25!!!

Mags, who opened her home for the shower
my grandmother Mydot giving me HER maternity swimsuit used in her FIVE pregnancies

That night after unloading everything, James and I sat in the nursery in awe. He immediately starting putting everything together that needed it. (the engineer in him) He walked around in the Baby Bjorn for like 20 minutes. I just sat and cried. I think several things hit me: 1. how blessed we are with such sweet supportive family and friends 2. how thankful I am for this baby God has given us 3. how much crap sorry mom, crud this baby requires


Steven and Caroline Bobo said...

Great pics to sum it up! You are such a blessing to us all!! We are ready to help you raise baby O! Cannot WAIT to come by and see the nursery with everything in it!! P.S...sorry I took sooo many pics and filled up your memory card...but it wouldn't be me if I didn't fill it up! aha!

Kay said...

You look great Rayne!!!! LOVE My Dot's swimsuit- that is the greatest!