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A few more things I don't want to forget... 
Church in Meto was amazing! These ladies are the choir, and their music is beautiful as are there tribal outfits. They do a cool shoulder move that gets their tribal collars moving in rhythm, unlike anything I have ever seen. 

The prayer chair. We had some awesome prayer warriors on our team. After a patient would see either the doctor or the dentist, they would then rotate to the chair. Isn't that how it should be every time, modern medicine and faith, hand in hand?

I love this picture as it depicts another aspect of their sweet giving spirit. This lady, Elizabeth, was a patient of James earlier in the week. He extracted a couple of teeth that were infected. The day we were leaving, she stood outside our mission center for over an hour until he awoke to give him beaded necklaces she had made just for him. She said (through the translator) that he showed great kindness and compassion.

She also presented me with one as his wife. 

Ashley, Julie, Caroline, Steven, Matt, Charles, Alan, and Joseph 
They hiked to Tanzania on our afternoon off of clinic. I took a nap :)

The last night, Bishop Moses and his wife Agnus invited us to their home to eat dinner. 
We enjoyed lamb (ok I might have just nibbled a bite as I saw them alive a couple hours prior), cabbage, beans, rice, and a delicious fried tortilla bread. The cabbage was the best I have ever had. James ate so much I thought he would be sick. He LOVED it. He is part Maasai at heart. 

The last leg of the trip was a night at Serena Amboseli. Amboseli is a national park that is near the Tanzania border and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a beautiful place with every animal you can think of. It was a great night to enjoy each other's fellowship and reflect on the week. 
My Aunt Elon is the beautiful brunette that I am standing right behind in the picture above. I was so blessed that she was on the team. There was one particular moment in the church service that I just kept picturing my Aunt Meg. (who passed away of cancer several years ago, but was on the very first trip to Meto and who the library there is named after) I could see her smiling her infectious smile, and picture her loving on the people I was now meeting. It was very emotional, and I was thankful to have Aunt Elon (Meg's sister) there to experience it with. 
James enjoying the safari

The Sams, Osborns, and the Bobos

wonderful ladies on the morning safari

Just some of the amazing animals on the morning and afternoon drives. 

If you can tell, it was a trip of a lifetime, except I hope to go back again (and one day take the boys!) 
My heart has a new love for my brothers and sisters in Christ in Meto. 
The Lord loves all of his children everywhere and to experience that first hand is hard to explain, but forever imprinted on my heart. 
Thanks again to Ashley Johnson for all of the wonderful pictures!!!

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